Membership in the Military Order of the Purple Heart


Any person of good moral character who is serving in or has served in one of the Armed Forces of the United States, or any foreign country, who can show proof of the award of the Purple Heart for wounds.

Evidence of the award of the Purple Heart must be submitted with the application. Certificate alone does not constitute proof of award. If discharged, discharge document such as a DD214 must be provided reflecting character of service as honorable or under honorable conditions.

Please note that the MOPH does not have posthumous memberships. Only living Purple Heart Recipients are eligible for membership.

Associate Member

For a parent, spouse, sibling, lineal or adopted descendant of either a living or deceased Purple Heart recipient, evidence of the award of the Purple Heart and the relationship must be submitted with the application. However, if the Purple Heart Recipient is an active member of MOPH, he/she can sign the application certifying to the relationship.

Benefits of Membership

Fraternity and Fellowship

You can meet and relate to a group of veterans who have the common bond of being wounded in combat and recognized for that sacrifice.

Pride of Membership

Your membership keeps alive the history and ideals for which you were awarded the Purple Heart from its original inception by General George Washington to America's citizen soldiers of today.

Annual Convention

Each year MOPH holds a National Convention for the purpose of renewing goals, ideas, and electing National Officers. This Convention ensures that every member is directly involved in major decisions affecting the Order. There is always a full roster of activities for members and their families. Between the official activities of the Convention, there is time for relaxation and a chance to renew old friendships and make new ones.

Scholarship Program

MOPH has local and national scholarship programs for members, spouses, and direct descendents (children, grandchildren, etc.) that helps ease the cost of college or trade school education.

National Service Officer Program

The Order participates in the VA's National Service Officer (NSO) Program and has NSOs stationed across the country to help all veterans and their families with filing for and receiving authorized VA health and education benefits. The NSOs also assist with documentation problems.

Your Voice in Washington

MOPH represents you in the Nation's capitol, ensuring that the voice of the combat wounded is heard in Congress, at the Department of Defense, and at the Veterans Administration. As a member, you will be able to participate in MOPH sponsored campaigns for veteran causes, worthwhile endeavors that increase self-worth.

The Purple Heart Magazine

The official magazine of MOPH is distributed six times a year for member's enjoyment. Each issue brings a series of timely and well written articles about some of the activities of The Order around the country. Members have written to say that they look forward to receiving the Magazine. The cost of your subscription is included in your modest dues payment.

MOPH National Website

MOPH maintains a website ( for members with useful information on veteran affairs in general and MOPH activities in particular. Details on various MOPH programs, membership forms, and access to the Supply Room are some of its features.

MOPH Supply Room

Members can buy MOPH related clothing and accessories from our Supply Room, good quality products at reasonable prices. These items can be ordered by mail or via our website

Join Today

Veterans living in the Pikes Peak Region or Southern Colorado are welcome to join other Purple Heart veterans in Chapter 423. Anyone having questions may contact us by phone or email.

Dues Schedule

Life Membership $50.00
Associate LIfe Membership $50.00

Applicants may send their application with required documentation and a check or money order to Chapter 423 or to National at: MOPH National Headquarters 5413-B Backlick Road, Springfield, VA 22151